Faisal Movers Online Booking

Faisal Movers Online Booking

Faisal Movers online booking is now more easy with the help of the Sastaticket and Bookkaru apps. Are you tired of visiting the bus terminals just to check the bus timings and book bus tickets? Now you can do this task right from the comfort of your home. Don’t be stressed when it is a matter of purchasing a Faisal Movers bus ticket online. This is your complete beginner’s guide to book and reserve your seats for your next tour.

Why Choose Faisal Movers?

Faisal Movers is a well-established and reputable transportation company in Pakistan. This bus company is known for providing reliable and comfortable bus services. There are several reasons why travellers choose Faisal Movers for their journeys:

Why Choose us

Punctuality: Faisal Movers is renowned for its punctual services. They adhere to strict schedules, ensuring that passengers reach their destinations on time. This reliability is crucial for those who depend on timely transportation for various purposes.

Comfortable Travel: Faisal Movers prioritizes passenger comfort. Their buses are equipped with modern amenities, including spacious seats, air conditioning, and entertainment options, making the journey enjoyable and relaxing.

Safety Measures: The company places a strong emphasis on safety. Faisal Movers implements rigorous safety measures, including well-maintained vehicles, experienced drivers, and compliance with safety regulations. This commitment to passenger safety is a significant factor in gaining trust and loyalty.

Wide Network: FM has an extensive network covering major cities and routes across Pakistan. This makes it convenient for travellers to choose Faisal Movers for both short and long-distance journeys, connecting various destinations seamlessly.

Customer Service: This transportation service is known for its excellent customer service. The staff is trained to assist passengers with inquiries, ticketing, and other concerns. A positive customer service experience adds to the overall satisfaction of travellers.

Affordable Pricing: It offers competitive and reasonable ticket prices. This affordability, coupled with the quality of service, makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of passengers, including students, professionals, and families.

Online Booking Convenience: The availability of online booking through platforms like Sastaticket and Bookkaru has further enhanced the convenience for passengers. This allows passengers to plan their journeys, check bus timings, and reserve seats from the comfort of their homes.

How to Book Faisal Movers Tickets Online?

There are three methods to book Faisal Movers tickets online. Let’s have a look:

1- Book Faisal Movers Tickets Using the Bookkaru App

Let’s start with the first method which is the Bookkaru app. If you are not familiar with the Bookkaru ticket-buying app then download it from the Android app store.

  1. Open the Bookkaru app and navigate to the “Faisal Movers” section.
  2. Choose your departure city (Karachi).
  3. Now choose your destination city (Multan).
  4. Pick a travel day and time. Like, 26 Feb, 05:00 PM.
  5. Go to the seat section and pick the seats that are available at that time.
  6. You need to be specific about whether you need a seat for a male or female passenger.
  7. Go to the final page where you will be asked for the payment for the bus ticket.
  8. Choose the payment method and pay for the ticket.
  9. Get your e-ticket and that’s it.

2- Use Sasaticket App

This is another online bus and airline ticket booking app.

  1. Download and install the app and open it.
  2. Look for the “Bus Tickets” section.
  3. Now look for the “Faisal Movers” section.
  4. Go to departure city navigation and choose your departure city terminal.
  5. Now choose the destination of your tour.
  6. Pick the seat for your comfort.
  7. Choose payment option from:
    1. Bank deposit
    2. SadaPay
    3. NayaPay
    4. Debit Card
  8. Pay the bus fare and get a receipt from Sastaticket.

3- Buy FM Tickets Using the Bookme App

Finally, the last method is to use the Bookme app. This is an app for online ticket booking. You can use this app to book tickets for concerts, movies, airlines and buses in Pakistan.

  1. Tap on the Bookme app or you can visit the Bookmae website as well.
  2. On the homepage of the website or app, you will see a navigation bar.
  3. Choose the Bus Tickets Booking menu to proceed.
  4. Pick the date of your trip.
  5. Now choose the bus service as “Faisal Movers”.
  6. Provide your destination and departure details.
  7. Choose the seat and make payment online for that seat.
  8. Your seat will be booked.


What if I need to cancel my Faisal Movers bus ticket after booking it online?

Yes, you can cancel your booking anytime. However, there will be a minor fine for this matter. You need to check the Sastaticket, Bookme and Bookkaru refund policies here.

Are there any provisions for changing the travel date or time after purchasing a Faisal Movers ticket online?

Changes to travel dates or times are possible, depending on the booking app’s policies and seat availability. Contact the customer service of the booking platform for assistance.

What should I do if there’s an issue with my e-ticket or if I haven’t received it after booking online?

In case of e-ticket issues or non-receipt, reach out to the customer service of the booking platform (Bookkaru, Sastaticket, or Bookme) for prompt assistance and resolution.

Can I select specific seats for my family or group during the online booking process with Faisal Movers?

Yes, you can choose specific seats during the online booking process, ensuring that your family or group can sit together. Be sure to indicate the number of seats required for a seamless experience.

How do Faisal Movers handle unexpected delays or disruptions during the journey, and what support is provided to passengers?

Faisal Movers is committed to punctuality, but in the case of unforeseen delays, the company provides updates and assistance. Passengers can contact the Faisal Movers customer service for real-time information and support during such situations.